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Why Partner with Us?

Our Clients Come First

Yes, we are a fiduciary. We are obligated by law to place our client’s best interest ahead of our own. Brokers are not considered fiduciaries and are only obligated to provide suitable investments.

Your Main Point of Contact will NOT Change

This will eliminate the risk of turnover for who will manage your assets.

We Build, Manage, and Monitor all of our Client Portfolios.

On an ongoing basis, we will implement changes internally to clients’ assets either based on market circumstances or changes to your personal circumstances.

Power through Working with Other Professionals

We commonly have conversations with your CPA, estate attorney, bankers, or other professionals.  By coordinating these efforts, we can make strategic decisions that can help minimize the impact of taxes.

Proactive Efforts Behind the Scenes

On an ongoing basis, we will monitor your accounts, asset allocation objectives, tax circumstances, & ensure required minimums are met. We do NOT employ the set-it-and-forget-it method.

We Invest for Your Long-Term Goals

We do not time the market – there’s ample evidence this approach is risky and can easily work against investors.

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