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Investment Process

YAIA is an independent asset manager that primarily utilizes no-load mutual funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), corporate bonds, and CDs to structure client portfolios. We work intimately with our clients using the following steps:

Please see our YAIA FIRM PROFILE SHEET for more detail on YAIA’s Investment Process.

For new prospects, we ask the following:

Custodian of Choice – Primarily, we partner with Schwab Institutional as our Custodian of Choice. We also partner with other custodians on a variety of accounts, particularly 529 plans.

Client Reports – YAIA produces quarterly reports for all clients. The reports contain performance, transaction, and billing information. Schwab (or the other custodians) sends each client monthly or quarterly statements, trade confirms, corporate literature, and tax information. Anything Schwab produces, can be reproduced by YAIA.


YAIA ADV 2A & 2B – Client

YAIA ADV Part 3 – Form CRS

Investment Process

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